Multi-Faceted Support for Major Projects

From project design and product selection, to implementation and completion, Colonial Major Projects delivers the services and expertise needed to get the job done. Colonial Major Projects territory is global and we have expertise and experience to complete federal, public, and private projects. We will coordinate and manage a cost effective package that meets your exact requirements for the job. Colonial Major Projects strives for 100% on-time delivery and will work with you to stage releases and deliver to on or off site warehousing. 

JobTrack Revolutionary Project Management 

JobTrack from Colonial Electric Supply on Vimeo.

Colonial Major Projects has developed a cutting edge software to help manage all of your projects, big and small. Introducing Jobtrack™: a web-based portal to help you oversee all aspects of your job. From development, to execution, to the finished product, Job Track™can easily help you achieve your goals by:

  • Optimizing labor schedules
  • Tracking budgetary goals
  • Managing material flow
  • Preventing inventory backlog
  • Faster communication with your partners  

Simply log on to our easy-to-use system and see all of your projects details in our intuitive portal. You can use the JobTrack™ system to view:

  • Ship logs, PODs, and order statuses 
  • PO summaries
  • Billing information 
  • Claims status
  • Project communications
  • Product information 
  • And more! 

Call today to get started with JobTrack™ the most revolutionary project tracking system. Contact you Colonial Major Project sales representative for more information.